Monday, January 9, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I actually made some resolutions this year. I thought it was time I got over my fear of ustreaming and I am going to try it out. I went through a rough patch this pass weekend which I won't go into and it pushed me to go through with it. I know I have support and I hope you can join. My first stream will be Tuesday at 11am central time. I am sure this will test me and there will be trail and error but it is a learning experience and I can only get better.

My other resolution was no stress this year, one it bogs me down and makes me irritable and no fun, so since I am starting these stream I ask that you do not be rude or be a bully. I have been to streams where there are people who down others for what they say or do or just put down for a thought. So please keep the chat decent and I will allow links so you can post your blogs, nings or ustreams, but please no sharing of your online stores, those may be pmed if you wish to share with one person.

Please be patient with me while I learn this new journey in my goals.

Love, share and create.
Chai Dackermann aka tinkerbug

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