Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mothers Day Tag Swap-Closed

Time to start sign ups for the Mother's Day Tags!! I have a few changes to my Swap. I want to make sure you read this all the way through so that you will know what is required. I also have a challenge with this Swap and you will find out below what that challenge is and I will do a drawing for those who fulfill the challenge. 

Here are the rules and Challenge

  1. Use the standard size card #8 or at least 3x6 ** see Challenge to be exempt from this**
  2. Must include a quote besides Happy Mothers Day
  3. Must include 1 charm on each (can be handmade or store bought)
  4. Individually wrap these tags in plastic and place recipient's name and your info on each, Makes it easier for me.
  5. Do Your best work, remember you want to give something you would like to get back in return!!
  6. For Shipping send $5.35 and a address label with your info for return shipping I will use a Priority box to return them. Please include this or I will paypal you an invoice. I cannot cover shipping costs so please send!!!!!! 
  7. Follow Through, If you cannot complete the Swap then please Contact me!!! I rather you tell me you cannot do it then for you not to say anything at all. You can email me at I will also would like to ask for Angel Swappers in case someone does not follow through. 
  8. ****** CHALLENGE****** You do not have to do the challenge but if you do you will be in the drawing for a prize. I do not know what it is right now but I assure you it will be worth it. But you must do every part of the challenge to be included.  
    1. Do something unusual- such as a different type of tag but try to keep it to a size to fit in a priority box. Such as accordion, pocket or anything different then just a plain tag.
    2. Include 3-dimensional Roses 
    3. Use a Stick Pin- Either hand made or bought
    4. Include a doily either die cut or store bought.
    5. Include Pearls, or a beaded trim.
    6. Let me know in the comment to join if you will be doing the challenge!!
  9. These are due to me by April 29th!! I like to get these right back out as soon as possible, please get them to me in time!!!!! I will only wait a few days after this then I will send them back out. I know Life happens and things arise so please let me know ASAP!!! It is not fair to those who do get them in time to have to wait!!
Here is my address to send your tags to
Chai Dackermann
6612 Windrow Road
Rockvale, TN 37153
To be sure you read the entire information answer this question in your comment to let me know you read it and understand it all.

 What 2 things should be included for return postage????

I will do my best to keep to small groups depending on how many joins!!
* means you are doing the challenge

  1. Chai Dackermann * I am not including myself in the prize just want to do it. Finished
  2.  Shannon Hayes Received
  3.  Kim Cornwell
  4.  Sue Carolfi* Received
  5.  Christine Sawvell* Received
  6.  Kristen Koenig *
  7. Dalene Morales *
  8.   Granny Gee *


            Scrabble Girl said...

            Shannon Hayes

            $5.35 and address label

            Kim said...

            Kim Cornwell(craftmom)

            $5.35 and address label

            BearyNice2U said...

            Add me to the list for Mother's Day Tag Swap and I will do the challenge!Will send you $5.35 and address label in package.

            Anonymous said...

            Add me to the challenge..
            Darlene aka froggy

            Anonymous said...

            Please add me to the list and I will do the challenge. I will send you $5.35 and an address label.

            granny gee said...

            include 5.35 and mailing labels

            I will do both.
            thanks for the challenge