Sunday, June 10, 2012

Time for Tea and Tea for 2

Here is a window shadow I made. I used a light weight chipboard to put this together. I would recommend a heavy weight cardstock though as it was tougher to work with. After putting it together I used a pallette knife and put molding pasted on just the window part and not the shutters. While it dried I painted the shutters a tan color then after it dried quickly and then I used crackle paint from ranger and swiped paint heavy and light in areas and allowed to dry. After the molding paste dried I watered down expresso dabber paint and brushed the paint on then took a paper towel and wiped it off to give the different tones and make it look like wood. After it all dried I glued the shutters to the sides and embellished with roses made from coffee filters, Clay bird, butterflies and the top embellishment. For the twig I added white flowers to it and then added scattered straw. You can get just the window pattern at for $3.99.

*Tip When making this it is advised to use graphite paper to transfer the cut lines for the shutters.

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